What is bioenergy treatment effective for?

  • Improves immune system and health
  • Emotional and psychological conditions and traumas such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, panic attacks, low self-esteem, hyperactivity, hormonal misbalances(thyroidea…)
  • Stress related issues
  • Health problems with inner organs, migraines, sinuses, gastritis
  • Energy blockages, loss/lack of energy
  • Chronic back and neck pain
  • Minor and major health issues

About bioenergetic healing

Bioenergy healing is as old as the human race. Our ancestors were aware of the healing power that comes from our hands. Each civilisation has researched and refined this power within their knowledge and traditions. Each person has a healing power. After a long time spent in the shadow of the Western medicine (which experienced significant improvement but unfortunately still dwells on the treatment of consequences and not causes of the disease), over the last few decades bioenergy healing returned and became scientifically recognized as a form of alternative medicine. The largest number of diseases results from blocking the natural flow of creative energy of an individual, causing suppression of painful and unpleasant experiences that life brings upon us.

Bioenergy healing is a process during which we become aware of repressed emotions, pain, cognitive concepts and fears that we have long been suppressing in our sub-consciousness. These have a strong influence on our physical and mental health and their re-integration into the unity of our being. Bioenergy healing affects both,  consequences and underlying causes of issues and leads to better understanding of our true nature. It includes the process of forgiving, as well as accepting ourselves and the world around us. The result is ease and elimination of a large number of health problems and the launch of inner changes that directly affect all our habits, relationships with other people, and patterns of behavior we were not able to change.

Bioenergy therapy is performed on a massage table where you lay dressed. During the treatment, we sink into a comfort meditative state together (alpha frequency 7.8 – 8 Hz) during which energy is being channeled through my hands, influencing your energy centers (chakras) and energy field (aura) associated with mental condition (thoughts, emotions, actions) and supply your body and organs with energy.

During the session, sensations may vary – starting from feelings of physical warmth and pleasure to deep sighs and crying during the removal of energy blockages and the release of repressed feelings. After the therapy, you will feel relaxed and relieved. However, it should be noted that the bioenergy healing is a tender work on your soul so it should be approached with care. Also, appropriate obligations and time planning is recommended, so that after and between two therapies the changes initiated can sink in naturally. Average duration of the treatment is cca. 70 min (depending on your current needs) along with a brief conversation before each therapy. Number of sessions and pauses in between is individual for each person. Give yourself plenty of time, care and love as that is usually missing in relationship with ourselves and thus to other beings as well.