TGRT EUROPE, 2nd part (One of the most popular TV Channel of Turkey) All-In-One: The Bioenergetic-Phyisiotherapeutic Healing Therapy of your life with short anamnesis

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Info and procedure Customer reviews (Read more in the guestbook):

According to my clients, my massage should be “the best” they have ever had. In fact, I persuaded myself several times after visiting many different masseurs. The reasons are numerous. But what all “masseurs” do not do is that they can not see, do not know, feel, or even investigate what man actually has for a “health problem.” To be brief. Sure, a person comes first to let themselves go well, but if one knew more, that person would want more, expect more and receive more, if the treating therapist has really gained wisdom and experience. It makes a big difference if the therapist has a clairvoyance, clairvoyance and / or light-reading ability to tell a lot about the other person in minutes. Not infrequently, people who are openly asking for it or who wish to tell them their character and I do are amazed. In general, I have stopped and it does not really interest me, because it also costs me a lot of strength and mental health to do so. Finally, I have to admit that I can detect more or less health problems in almost all people. I have learned and still learn to differentiate myself and to show the necessary respect for this perception. To expect others to understand me, I gave up in childhood. I used to understand that I understand others, but they understand me very little or mostly not at all. It became less important when I understood accepting that it is important that at least I understand myself, as well as my soul as well as my mind.


After I visually “scanned” the human in seconds, the actual “work” comes. If I may and should, I scan the aura and also with my hands and fingers the person in a few minutes from the head to the end of the spine to more “confirm” the visual perception and the process of massage therapy with bioenergetic healing start. During treatment, I often find other “problem areas”, which is why I can never say exactly how long it will take. There are cases in which I have to treat for over 2 hours if the person already has “severe tension, nerve inflammation, blockages etc.” and has been carrying diseases for years and has collected them. The whole room and the windows are heated and wet in winter, because it can rob me of enormous power.

After treatment

You will need time to get back to you, because your mind is now working up and regenerating a lot. It will take days for this to stop and most likely you will feel reborn. As soon as you come more and more back to you, I will tell you much more about your state of health, if you wish, than at the beginning. I will know so much about you that you probably did not know, but understand and admit. You can always deepen this. Especially through the hypnosis is incredibly much possible. But this should only be used if it remedies restrictions and does not create such restrictions.

The good news

Much will already be good or at least better. It has also happened time and again that people could go through serious illnesses through my “anamneses” and treat them early, before it got worse and even deadly. By now I’m so good that you can stay with me right away to achieve your holistic salvation. Do not worry, I will not say anything that will discourage you, but always motivate you in a digestible way, and only when I feel it is important and you are open to it. How good that I have no need of lying and deception. God out and in me, thank you for these gifts and thank you for this courage and the wisdom to serve you and your people at a high level.


The main goal is not only to cure the symptoms, but the root of the problem that causes any illness, pain and illness, whether physical, emotional or mental. My, human-to-human, individual, intuitive, bio-energetic and combined with all these massage techniques, are a unique kind of treatment that is otherwise found only by great healers in vast places like Brazil or the Philippines. Therefore, I offer my treatments without contact, if people volunteer to develop my skills in this area. Here, as it were, spiritual healing is performed at the highest level. An operation in the spirit of man.

Reach me easily via Call or WhatsApp under 0090 541 943 85 93