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I can say, i am PROUD TO BE. It is pure senseful what i am doing. And you? Already saved and protected some life. Maybe at least some life you loved? 

In all multilingual social sites etc. already over 100.000! humans reached and saved not be vac.cined, lied with all restrictions to make ill, sick etc. Also moretimes succesfully rights protected and gone back (Example: In Turkey you doesnt have to wear that f… masks more outside). In the end, i already then thousands of human lifes saved about to be sick, disabled or killed with sharing the truth (Example not be vaccinated). Holistic Master Sezer

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Awake people – Stop the corona cheat!

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By far the biggest fraud in human history on all levels from the robbery of people and their soul rights, the robbery of financial resources and cash abolition as well as the establishment of controlling states and industries (Sales after economic murder) to the genocides in all countries by radio irradiation technologies such as 5G, which is to be expanded worldwide, toxic vaccinations (For example Italy) and population reduction plans are underway. Unconscious people who trust politics and believe the sold mass media will hardly ever wake up. As Mark Twain once said: “It is easier to lie the people than to teach them about being lied. Nevertheless, everybody is a world of its own. Nevertheless, it is worth for the truth to dedicate 1-2 hours of his day to fight for his rights by spreading these 1-2 hours a day! As one Bertolt Brecht said: When injustice becomes right, resistance becomes a duty! If we do not do that, no one will. It is not only about winning. It is also about having done something and being proud of yourself! For yourself, your family, your children, your fellow man. In short, EVERYONE you love or don’t love. We are in the same boat!

Bill Gayts in 2015 (After get 2010 the job from Rocke.feller to work with) about their satanic plan in 2020.

About the killing practices with vaccines from Kill Bill and all other satanic guys on our babys, children and all

Awaken Trump lost because of manipulation. He was brave and want protect american people.

Interview with Dr. Med. Claus Köhnlein, specialist in internal medicine, about the coron* cheat and the PCR Tests

F... China want chip us! Trump blocked! The chips will controll us complete with all our health! With the chips they also can kill us easily via 5G radiation weapon!