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Holistic Offers

(VERY POPULAR) – EUR 60, 45 minutes – 3 hours EUR 120) – High effective 1st help – Amazing effective bio-energetic and physio therapeutic massage therapy with short health anamnesis, consultation and great 1st health product.

Never before have so many people been in pain, even from a young age, suffering from head, neck, back, arm, spine, fascia and more. Many people ‘manage’ life only with painkillers and very dangerous vaccines. Never before has humanity been exposed to so many unhealthy traps, from wrong action to poisoning. In this half-hour bio-energetic-physiotherapy treatment, an effective treatment is applied from human nerves to muscles. Compressed nerves are resolved, if necessary, the pain is relieved by exploding, and definitive treatment is applied to the afflicted geese. Fascias are expanded, human immunity is strengthened, and a holistic solution is offered with the health product. For the best results, it is recommended to use “Bio-Energetic-Physio Healing Therapy and Background Review”.

For best results, it is offered to book “Holistic Physio-Therapeutic Anamnesis and consultation

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(Popular) EUR 85 – Holistic Physio-Therapeutic Anamnesis and Consultation with super Health Product

1st meeting and fast help with 1 great health product. Potentially it can help already a lot. What is Holistic? Click here:

For all information about the amazing effective health process and anamnesis:

EUR 45 – Holistic Meditation Course

Fast, effective and easy stress leaving, relax, concentrate your energy and see solution and targets.

EUR 300 – Amazing Holistic Hypnosis

3 Holistic personalized hypnosis sessions and 3 great helpful health products.

(Very popular) EUR 95 – Like newborn (Also in Hamam if you wish)

Full Program Turkish bath Escort (Inner and outside cleaning, regenerating and rejuvenate (Become younger).

Peeling, massage, foam, face mask and many great personalized health drink service.

Special detox drinks are prepared before the check-in to the bath. Excessive sweating is ensured by applying a strong cure. It cleans the blood, burns the bad-trans fat. Body, mind and spirit relax and recuperate. Disease symptoms may go away. You will notice!

EUR 55 (1 service) – Holistic Food and Nutrition Consultation

1. General Counseling: (Possible via webcam. Payment via bank transfer.)

2. We save the kitchen and you from all harmful foods and ingredients! It turns the traps into a healing and powerful kitchen, and you will now gain daily health instead of dosing damage every day.

3. Shopping together – We’re riddled with holes! We replace harmful products with healthy ones, thus avoiding harm every day and, on the contrary, gaining health every day. (We will visit Migros and BİM because Migros is biggest and BIM cheapest market).

4. Healthy Breakfast – Don’t fall for traps in the morning! Let breakfast be your source of healing and energy, not your dose of damage. It can be done together at lunch and dinner.

5. Preparing a delicious meal by placing medicinal products instead of traps at lunch or dinner.

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EUR 55 – Holistic Sport and Fitness Coaching

At the fitness studio and also outside (Mountains, at the beach, beautiful walking ways, forest etc.)

(Very popular!) EUR 2900 / 1 Week: The Masterplan – Makes wonder truth

Benefit from the complete service and all possible costs in one or more days. Easy and fast. Learn the secrets of a health and long life and profit all your life from this higher knowledge. Second person get 50% reduction.

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